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Zombie Defense 4

Use your towers to kill the zombie before advancing to the end of the path. You will lose a life to escape the zombies. The purchase of tower to kill zombies. If the health of zero zombie zombies will die, and from the Board. Making money kill the zombies. To earn additional benefits, the move to the next level. You need money to create your arsenal of towers. You will receive a 10% interest, your money at the beginning of each level. Remember that the shooting range of some towers will increase when upgraded. You may wish to take this into account when placing each tower. You can cancel your purchase before placing the tower by pressing the spacebar. You can purchase, upgrade or sell your towers at any time. Look at the status bar on the bottom of the screen to view info about the level: the zombie type, the number of zombies, the maximum health of each zombie, and the reward for each zombie kill.
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