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World War Tower Defence

Welcome to world war tower defence. build a tower maze to endure 35 of wiggle to get the highest score. If you complete all the bullets or you have lost their lives, the game is over. Towers buttons are used to select the different tower types. Each tower type has different characteristics. Once a tower has been selected, you can place if anywhere on the map by clicking at that location. Creeps will released when the countdown gets to 0. You can also release creeps by pressing “Spacebar” when the next countdown is less than 25 seconds. Building a maze with towers will cause creeps to escape less quickly as they have to navigate the maze. Gain score by killing creeps and releasing creeps early. You lose a life each time a creep escapes, when you lose all your lifes, the game is over. Use cash to buy and upgrade towers, you get cash by killing creeps.
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