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Warzone Tower Defense

Warzone is a tower defense game, you must strive to survive as long as possible the construction of the most effective line of defense in time. When the game started you will have a fixed amount of time to enter the map of the enemy, and use this time to the defense of your initial installation. Select a tower set up your defensive weapons. Since you start a limited number of credit you can only afford to start a basic defense. To obtain more credit to successfully defend itself against the basic attacks, damage to each enemy will give you more credits. When placing or select a tower can be seen on the map radius of tower configuration. This will help you determine your placement of an effective defense. Once you've chosen a tower, you will find information related to the specific tower at the bottom of the screen. Noting in particular the "target" line, this will tell you that if the towers are able to cater for ground, air, unit, or both. You can upgrade your towers, so that more effective. For this reason you choose to place a tower on the map, you will notic upgrade menu will be available at the bottom of the screen. Some have more than one tower to upgrade the provision of statistical information to review prior to your decision. The left side to see how the "wave show" This will give you a heads of state of the incoming wave of the future 5. You will also notice the button marked "send" the urgency of this will stop the timer and the next issue immediately.
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