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VR Tower Defender

This game is 6.6MB, so please be patient! In this tower defence game, you must use your virtual Arsenal virus in order to prevent wave damage to the server's firewall. Sadly the Department's budget, recently cut, so your income must come from money collected virus. The virus itself has a variety of types, colors and size. Larger and more advanced type is difficult to kill, but provides a greater reward. The virus has recently begun attacking in waves every 20 seconds. There seems to be some kind of super virus controlling them. You can move the cursor to see the virus-related information. You can also hold down the space bar to see the lives of all the Meter virus. Your defense, including a variety of fixed networks stationed along the path. Through the strategic selection, placement, upgrading towers you just might be able to destroy the virus before the firewall. You can hold down the Shift key in order to build more of the same type of tower.
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