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Vector TDX

Move your mouse over a tower to find out more info about that tower. Green Laser 2: A stronger beam than green laser 1 which will damage 2 vectoids at a time, both targets take equal damage. Little Red Spammer: Launches small heat seaking rockets at random vectoids in range. The rockets have no onboard AI so if the target is destroyed the rocket self destructs. Purple Power 2: Same tower as Purple Power 1, however this has 2 beams that focus on the same target causing more than twice the damage. Blue Rays 2: When this tower hits an enemy it removes all of its power and then some, causing the enemy to stop dead for dead for a second or 2 while it re-boots. Green Laser 3: A stronger beam than green laser 2 which will damage 3 vectoids at a time, all 3 targets take equal damage. Purple Power 3: This is the same as Purple Laser 1 and 2 but with the ability to drain so much power from the target it causes it to slow to a stop. Rewinder: This tower bends space to teleport a target back in time. Upgrading increases the length of time it can rewind. Once a target has been teleported back it can not be teleported a 2nd time.
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