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Vector TD

Green Laser 1: The green laser tower fires a medium powered beam, the beam does constant damage the whole time it is focused on the enemy vactoid. The range of the beam is also impressive. Red Refractor: Red laser is lower power than green, however uses a frequency which couses it to reflect and refract off the enemy vectoid damaging all those around it. Purple Power 1: After targeting an enemy vectoid it drains power. Once the weapon reaches critical mass it feeds the energy bock into the target in a split second, cousing a large amount of damage. Blue rays 1: The blue rays from this tower drain power from the enemy cousing them to lose speed. The blue ray tower can target upto 4 different enemies in a single shot. It is purpose is to slow, so damage is low. Red Rockets: Fires 2 heat seaking rockets which target random vectoids. If the target is destroyed the rockets ai selects the next closest vectoid and changes course. Damage Booster: Increase the damage of all tower in range by 25%. Range Booster: Increase the range of all tower in range by 25%. Interest Increase: Increase the interest rate by 3%. This is not a tower so you just click to pick. Interest is earned each time you send a wave. Panic: This item will give you 5 extra lives.
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