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Turret Wars

Prevent creeps from reaching your HQ, indicated by the eagle. You must endure so enemy waves of attack to complete each level. Attack waves are progressively more difficult. Each enemy you allow to reach your HQ decreases your HQ strength by 10 points. Total HQ strength is 100 point. If you sustain 10 enemy breaches on your HQ you and defeated. Turrent are your weapons against the creeps. The Turrets form obstacles which the creep must get around. In addition, the Turrets are weapons which can destroy the creeps. Purchase Turrets by clicking on the images in the control panel and subsequently clicking in the area on the map which you want to place the Turret. There are different types of Turrets with varying levels of cost, inflicted enemy damage, shooting range and rate of fire. Important: Turrets can be upgraded to inflict greater damage on the creeps. To upgrade a Turret simply click on the Turret and click the arrow when it is green. To sell the Turret click the dollar sign. To activate the Laser weapon you must puchase three laser Turrets placing each within the yellow halo. Once you select the laser Turret you will see the yellow halo. Be sure to place each laser Turret within this halo in order to activate the laser weapon. Once activated the laser will chose groups of targets automatically. Gold is earned by destroying creeps. The higher the level of creep you destroy the more gold you will earn. Your gold counter is displayed in the upper area of the game interface. Keep on eye on your gold during battle. Purchase more turrets or key upgrades on the fly.
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