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Turret Tyranny Tower Defense

Some games require very accurate time. Use pause button to freeze the action, and you re-arrange things. Sometimes when you save it as a turret of a new technology to increase the level of a new type of gun would you re-configure your entire defensive posture, you may have to sell some weapons to make room for new. Sometimes you only need two or three seconds of the sluggish upgrade towers or build a new one. What is the next to find the cheapest things you can buy and prepare for the construction of real-time you can afford it. If you buy the tower defense game, you can also save your map, and suggested that to do so, you have to try different combinations of shots and strategies. Prompted the use of ice tower: Do not mounted too close cooperation. They are the most effective decentralization. For sale and redevelopment of the slowdown will depend on a tower of the map area you are strongest in. Do not set up base stations in the peristaltic horror run on the path or to destroy them and your guns! Once you make a map and then, you can modify and draw your own map and re-pricing and behavior of the gun. When you have you like you can publish to share with your friends. To achieve this, first of all, play testing, and model to overcome its difficulties. And then when you release your map will be on the network can play anyone.
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