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Tree Tower Defence

The goal of the tower defense game is to stop the boulders from reaching the bottom of your tree’s. Hover your mouse near the top and bottom of the screen to scroll up and down. Use 1~7 keys to select a tower type to build. Press U to upgrade selected tower. Press S to sell selected tower. Use Spacebar to release creeps early. Press Up/Down arrow key to Scrool Up/Down. Pebble Tower: Cheap and good at low levels, cheap to upgrade but ineffective at high levels. Water Tower: Fast fire rate and execllent vs electric/rock boulders. Well priced and good range. Lightning Tower: Slow firing but massive damage. Very effective vs water boulders. Earth Tower: Strong and steady tower, excellent and high levels. Rock Tower: Spray firing tower, able to attack many boulders at once. Upgrades well. Metal Tower: Slow firing with poor accuracy, but massive damage. Expensive. Fire Tower: Short range but very strong at all levels, excellent vs ground creeps.
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