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Toy Town Tower Defense

The monsters want to attack your castle so you must stop them. Build your towers using the buttons on the main game panel. Click on the tower to select it, then you can upgrade it, sell it, or change it’s aura. Power is required for tour to operate. Construction and upgrading of power plants. Click your hero or the hero button to select, then move the mouse to control your hero to attack. The hero has special abilities and you can change his will to interact with auras towers. Towers can activate auras that give bonuses to the towers that surround them. Auras are 4 different colors, all with different effects. Towers will actively with additional premiums will be the scope of the hero if the hero has the same aura of color. You can also create color combinations for more bonuses. Monsters sometimes drop power-ups. Click on them and the hero will recover. Click the heroes in their use.
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