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  • Garden Inventor

    Garden InventorSpitting Rose – Basic garden defense element. Spitting Rose is the basic garden defense element. The safety gadget fires pins at approaching    Play Now !!
  • Galactic Conquest TD

    Galactic Conquest TDThe Galactice Federation has stopped funding your planet and you have been named the shame of the galaxy. The other planets feel threatened by your constant quest for power. How dare they consider    Play Now !!
  • Fratboy Tower Defense

    Fratboy Tower DefensePlace the towers to defend your lover. Archery Tower – Basic tower, low damage but fast. Half damage against armored units. Cannon Tower – Advanced high damage tower is good against armored units. Ma    Play Now !!
  • Flash Craft

    Flash CraftMove the mouse to the side of the screen or use the arrow keys to scrool across the map. Notice the menu along the bottom of your screen. On the far right are your tower options. The top left    Play Now !!
  • Flash Element TD 2

    Flash Element TD 2Welcome to Flash Element TD 2. The aim of the game is quite simple. Prevent the creeps from taking your elements by building towers to kill them. Build towers along    Play Now !!
  • Flash Element TD

    Flash Element TDSelect a tower and press “U” to upgrade. Click on a tower to build or click on a built tower to view its stats + upgrade options. Base Towers:    Play Now !!
  • Flash Circle TD

    Flash Circle TDMove your mouse over them to find out more. Click on the map where you would like to add the tower or press ESC to cancel. Each time a new wave of creeps is added the difference between the creeps    Play Now !!
  • Fast Castle Defense

    Fast Castle DefenseSimpley to play, defend your tower by buying cannons to shoot your enemies-tanks.    Play Now !!
  • Fanta Factory Defender

    Fanta Factory DefenderBuild towers along the road to defend the factory. Click on a tower you have built to see upgrade options. Buy a shield for your tower to protect it from exploding enemies. Build ice towers to slow    Play Now !!
  • Apocalypse Recycled

    Apocalypse RecycledSelect the building from the menu, click on the map somewhere. Select a damaged building from the map, select “Repair” in its menu. To repair everything just click “Repair All”. Select a factory    Play Now !!
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