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The Space Game: Missions

Each ship has its strengths and weaknesses. Small red fighters: The most common type of pirate ship in use today. Fires a low energy laser over a short range. Missile launchers: Fires a missile from a good distance away, missiles can be defeated by Basic and Pulse lasers. They have more armour than the fighters so take a bit longer to destroy. Self Destructors: This ship has no weapon and no pilot! It flys up to a structure and self destructs! You must destroy it before it blows as the explosion causes damage to all structures in range. The explosion is weak but in numbers they can do a lot of damage. Yeallow Ringers: These ships can not fire their laser while moving, they first have to come to a complete stop. You may think this make them easy, sadly they have shields which reduce laser damage and cause missiles to explode before hitting them.
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