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The Horde 2

Arrow Tower: The arrow tower is cheap and fast but not very strong. It can be upgraded five times and imbued once with fire, ice or poison. Cannon Tower: It hits harder than the arrow tower but it not as fast. Ice Tower: It freezes enemies to slow them down to allow other towers to hit them more. It can be upgraded 5 times. Poison Tower: It does significant damage to enemies over time. Fire Tower: It does massive damage and burns enemies over time. Scout Tower: It reveals all invisible enemies within range allowing other towers to target them. Energy Tower: It does up to 300 raw damage to every kind of enemy. Sniper Tower: It has long range and hits hard, but is slow to fire. Generator Tower: It increases the damage of all towers within its range. Death Tower: It does significant damage to every monster in range. Workshop: It lets you research better technologies for your towers. Laboratory: It lets you research magical technologies.
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