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The Commander Sister

You can show the construction area by pressing the key “C”. To disable your current selection, press “Spacebar” or click on the menu. For the other shortcuts, please see the help section in the menu. You will find a help section in the menu. It will indicate you the shortcuts’ keys and information about the enemy. Notably, you will understand how to increase or reduce zoom of your system of air vision by pressing the G key. Otherwise, with the S key you can sell a selected turret for 3/4 of the price. Be careful, its resale price will be reduced if the turret looses any life points. The R key allows you to repair a selected turret. In addition, you can impose an automatic repair of a turret by activating an “auto-repair” mode. Watch out the price if might cost you. Every time a turret is auto-repaired, a blue magnetic field appears around it.
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