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Temple Guardian 2

Move the cursor to the edge of the map and click the left mouse. Alternatively, you can press the arrow keys. 1.Click on the building on the creation of the Group. 2.Move the map cursor, when the building is red-shadow, it means that this building is not allowed here. 3.Where cursor is in a legal position, press the left button down and stay. Use "R" to rotate the building to the desired direction and release the left button. 4.You need to build a market in the first stage of the game, because it will be their main source of income. 1.Build a market and there will be a wagon trade in and out of the market, bringing in revenues. 2.Click on the market on the map and select "+" or "-" in the panel to increase or decrease the number of wagons trade. 3.You can also click on "Update" in the panel to improve the property market. 1.Most buildings can be upgraded to increase functionality and performance of the building. 2.Certain building construction and maintenance are limited by the level of the Temple.
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