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Use your mouse to move turret. Click left button to shoot. Click on the turret to upgrade. You must kill all sub-virus monster that try to reach the city. Turrets are sohpisticated robots that act on their own. They are fast, but their damage in the basic stat is low. Make sure you upgrade them. Mine: One of the most useful gadgets we have. It’s not expensive, and it can deal a great amount of damage to a decent range. Once you buy a Para Beam, the next shot of your main turret will paralyze every enemy that stand in the beam range. This will last for about 5 seconds. Fire bomb: Once you buy one, it will automatically lanuch a missile that will blow up in the middle of the field causing great damage. Death beam: Once you buy a Death Beam, the next shot of your main turret will kill mostly everything in it’s way. This weapon has great use against an enemy that is hard to kill.
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