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Starcraft Flash 5

The game is 6.7MB, so please wait...SCFA5 is a defense game, you will have to build a base and defend it against Terran and Protoss combined attacks. You will be playing Zergs this time with the Overmind in the center of your base. The Overmind will earn experience and level up, obtaining one new psionic spell each level. Note that most things work differently here. For instance Spore Colonies will shoot Both air and ground units and the Zerg Spire is a superweapon shooting plasma balls. The game is divided into 17 waves. There is a pause between the waves during which you will be able to save the game, spend cash on defendes, upgrades. Game Features: 27 waves, 4 defence structures, 4 special structures, 8 Psionic Spells, 13 enemy types, Miscellaneous upgrades.
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