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Star Rebellion

The object is to protect your Command Center being destroyed by the invaders. You have to be with all the enemies to advance a level on the air. In order to protect your base you have to build strong security shield around your command center and other buildings. To build a turret of his need to click the corresponding button on the right side of the menu and place of the turret on the battlefield. You can build towers only if they have enough crystals and energy. To increase the rate of energy that we need to build power plants. Each power plant will increase the rate of 5 points. Each turret, collector, except the construction of a power plant using power point. Its focus initial energy of 10 points. Adviser in the game will help you know when you need more power plants. Build refineries to mine resources - crystals. Each refinery has a mineral collector and is automatically created once the refinery is built. There are two types of enemies you will be faced: ground enemies and flying ones. Each of your turrets has special abilities of its own ans can damage only ground units, only air of both.
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