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Star Defense Squad

You’ll be in charge of protecting the station from harm. Build probes to help protect the ship. Click on the ship and use the ship’s skills. The further away you destroy the asteroids. Try different builds, there are many useful skills for each probe. Repel Asteroids Probe: Fires energy projectiles that bounce objects on contact. Useful keep asteroids stalled. Area Damage Probe: Fires rockets that explode and damage all objects within the area. Has minor knockback abilities. Mass Damage Probe: Explodes the area surrounding the probe. Very slow reload times, but massive damage makes up for it. High Damage Probe: Fires particles that rip through targets. Great concentrated damage with little waste. A probe designed to slow down enemy lines. Will create a stasis field surrounding the probe, nearly freezing any enemy caught in the field. Higher levels increase effectiveness of the stasis. Helper probe: It will also speed up recharge speeds when probes are down. This probe will create a gravity link with any object within range. Once this link is established, the object will become attracted to this probe. The link will be broken if this probe gets downed. Wall probe: Cost effective way of blocking objects from reaching their target. Can upgrade secondary skill to increase effectiveness.
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