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Speedway TD

You are playing Speedway TD, the revolutionary new Tower Defense game that really lets you have fun while playing. Fly around your hero, the collection of hidden treasures, clear the enemies, or just racing around the map to your liking. When you first start playing, you will be given the option to choose a hero. Select a hero by clicking on it, and the game starts. Once you choose your hero, there are many ways to play the game. One way to play is through the purchase of the towers on the left screen, and placement on the road. To view information about the tower only to shoot over them. If you want to buy a towr click on its thumbnail. Once you buy a tower and place, you can click on the options to sell or upgrade. Even if you do play with towers can still use your hero of additional damage. The second way of playing the game is mainly for the improvement of their hero, after the enemy and stay on the radio. If you click on your hero, you can update it. It is more difficult to manage all towers and hero, but if you use your money is usually the best way forward. The hero of control with the arrow keys, and the gunner to shoot automatically when within range. Once you start playing and there are some icons around you.
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