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Snafu Tower Defense

Select a tower type to build. A description of the tower and it’s starting statistics will be displayed in the dialog area below. When you are finished building your initial defenses, click on the Start button to send the first wave. Barricade: Physical barrier that inflicts no damage to enemy units, only forces them to choose a different path. Machine Gun Nest: Armed with a high caliber machine gun with a fast rate of fire that can target both aerial and terrestrial enemies. Artillery Tower: Fires ballistic anti-armor shells, delivering high damage to a single target. Mortar Tower: Fires high explosive ballistic rounds that explode on impact damaging all enemies caught in the blast radius. Sam Tower: Launches guided surface-to-air missiles that can only target aerial units. Microwave Tower: Delivers a directed ray of microwave radiation that slows enemy personnel caught in its focus. EMP Tower: Generates a strong electro magnetic pulse that damages all mechanical enemies within range.
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