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Shock Defense

Stick Tower: Fast attack speed with minimal damage. Ston Tower: Slow attack speed dealing greater damage and splash as stones shatter on impact. Slinghot Tower: Great damage, fast attack speed and a wider attack range. Poison Dart Tower: Slow poison attack and average damage with high attack rate. Slow enemies effect with poison damage. Tower of Fire Bolt: Great damage but slow attack speed. Tower of Lightning: Great damage, slow attack rate with electric static field that damage and slow enemies in a certain radius. Shock Rocket Tower: Massive Range and Massive Damage. Poison Technology: Research to build tower of poison. Fire Technology: Research to build towers of fire bolt. Arcane Lightning Teachnology: Research to build tower of lightning. +3% interest rate: Increases your gold by interest rate. Current interest rate: 10%. Increase your interest rate to 13%.
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