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Savior Tower Defense

The free play mode allows you to test the skill and speed of your towering abilities. In free play you defend your castle till the bitter end. Creeps will continually spawn, getting harder and harder as they do. Last as long as you can, generate the highest score you can. Don’t forget to summon guardians to kill the creeps walking to your castle. Simply draw the rune on the screen when holding down left mouse button. Try now, draw a backwards uppercase “L”. If the runes aren’t working, you maybe drawing them backwards. Choose somewhere to place your guardian. Red means it cannot be placed there. To cancel, press Escape or click the bottom panel. Your soul bank is the blue bar at the bottom which fills as you gather more souls. As it fills you can cast more powerful runes, which will highlight when available. Do not missed some souls. There are the power for summoning guardians, mouse over them to collect them. You can also upgrade your guardians, cast the upgrade rune and click your guardian to upgrade them. The number on the guardian is its level.
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