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Place shapes to guide your plots over the “+” food before they reach the exit. Guide them through all “+” food to score high and unlock the next level. Plots will always try and take the shortest path. Avoid the “-” traps to keep your plots alive, collect the “+” food to score high. You will need to choose a different block shape using the menu on the right to complete this level. Get your plots nice and fat so they can survive the “-” traps and make it into the exit. Plots always move Up/Down or Left/Right never diagonaly. Plots like lemmings are not very smart, guide them very carefully into the exit. Remember the longer the path of the plots the less you will score, that doesn’t help you here but you should still remember it. Sometimes getting to the exit is easy, but you will want to take a longer path and feed your plots they get nice and plump first. The less blocks you use the more you score.
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