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Revenge of StickMen

Defence: Position your defenders at different points on the playing table to stop the stickmen from escaping out the window. Remember each defender has it’s own strengths and weaknesses. The entry point of the game is near the computer monitor. The enemy will jump out of the monitor from here. Some bosses have weapons and can hurt or destroy your defenders. To repair damaged defender, you can click on it and hit the repair button. When all other defences fail and you desperately need to stop the stick freaks from reaching the window, use your fist to squash them. Click on the fist icon and then move the fist above the stickmen and click to squash them. The money you collect from killing the stickmen goes into the bank. You can use heads collected from bosses to increase the interest rate applied to the money. Interest is added to your gold at the end of each level.
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