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Random Defence

Select your first few towers from the menu on the top left then click the start button on the bottom right. Gun Tower: Basic weapons tower. Quick to react, good for picking off the stragglers. Grenade Tower: Throws Grenades. Not very good at predicting creep movement. Good splash radius though. Slow Tower: Slows creeps for other towers. No damage. Mine: Requires Min Factory. Leave mines on paths for one-shot, large splash, huge damage and slow. Laser Mega Tower: Requires all reasearch centres at level 3. Constant fire, huge damage. Big Gun Tower: Requires Gun Research centre. High damage, good aim and fire rate. Missile Turret: Requires Explosives Research. Fires heat seeking missiles. Huge range, good splash and some slow. Shock Tower: Requires Electrics Research. Hits all targets within range with one shot. Low fire rate, but good damage and some slow.
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