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Protector 1

Press Spacebar to cancel placement. Hold shift to place multiple. Using the de-buff infliction you can cause enemies to take more damage from all other attacks. Necrosis is the most powerful attack there is, but it takes clever strategy to fully utilize. The more kills the character obtains the stronger he becomes. Protector is quite an intensive game. If you experience slowdown or lag, consider lowering your quality setting via buttons on the menu bar. If you hit an enemy with an element he is weak against it does 150% damage. Conversely, hitting one with a strong element does only 50% damage, watch out. The largest portion of your score is caluculated based on the amount of gold you have between each wave, not spending it all will result in a much higher overall score. Different inflictions stack. A monster can be affected by all specials at once. Think about this when creating a debuff section.
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