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Planet Defender

To build, first click on the desired structure from the list, then click on an empty slot over ther planet. Once built, some structures can be upgraded for further benefits. Fortified Bunker: Underground bunkers help protect nearby populations from attack. Ion Cannon: Low powered, long-range energy weapon. Most effective against small, unshielded attackers. Conducting Research: New technologies provide global benefits and/or allow the building of new structures. Click on a technology below to see what benefits it provides. Adv. Economics: Increases income. Allows the construction of economic centers which increase revenue even further. Robotics: Doubles the self-pepair rate of all structures. Allows the construction of repair centers which speed-up repairs of nearby structures even further. Nuclear Fusion: Allows construction of nuclear missiles, powerfull long-range weapons. Adv. Energy: Allows construction of anti-missile defense lasers. Planet Shield: Charges Planet’s van allow belts to create a shield that stops most energy attacks.
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