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Pixelshock 2

To start a game please choose from one of the six Game Modes then pick one of the Maps from the list shown on the right. Each Game Modes has its own set of rules and has different sets of maps. Each Maps is a separate game and the environment and creeps faced may differ. The Classic Mode is the standard mode of game play for most tower defence games. Creeps travel in a fixed path from point A to point B you have to stop them from reach their destinations by building towers and using items. Gates Mode: You start the game with one or more entrance points blocked by gates. Challenge yourself by building towers near them to break the gates and let the creeps in. Break the gates and stop the creeps. Multi-Lanes Mode: Pit yourself against multiple lanes of creeps in this mode. Each wave will spawn multiple lanes of creeps and they spawn at designated point and travel in a fixed path. Different paths can be identified by different colours. Maze Mode: Skill by itself is not sufficient in this game mode because creeps spawn at random points and take random paths through the map. Luck and timing are also important in the game mode. Kingslayer Mode: A super creep will spawn at the start of the game. It is immune to all items and creep abilities. In addition to the remaining creeps, you have to kill it by the end of the game or you lose. In the Unlimited, the waves of creeps are unlimited.
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