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Pirate Defence

You can achieve points by killing pirates & creating pirate damage-combos. You lose lives when pirates reach their end destination. Each time you defeat a pirate you receive a gold reward which can then be used to buy tower defense objects. Select objects by clicking on them once, then clicking again at the desired location on the tower defense game stage. Rolling over an object in the object select menu will display information about that object, as well as a short description. Once an objects has been placed on the screen, selecting that object will open more options. An object can be sold for a fraction of the amount it was originally bought for. You can also set up hotkeys for faster selling of objects. Many objects can be upgraded to one, two, or three different upgrade paths. Upgrading also can be done by use of hotkeys which can be set up during the main menu. Once objects are placed on the game stage, many items will remain useless linkage is used.
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