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Picnic Panic Tower Defence

In this tower defense game you will find a Pixy that defeat is an army of insects to eat, a picnic feast, not to them. You must win the support of many of your friends magical forest. Each time an error is it is a little of the food away with them. Do not let them win. You can invite four races of magical friends to help. Each has different capabilities and costs you a different amount of resources to conjure. You must be clever, if you are to succeed. You can either use the buttons on the lower left side of the screen, or the bumbers 1-4 on the keyboard to the summons. There are 16 waves of insects. If you survive them all, you have against this game and deserve a pat on the back for your quick fingerwork and strategy. Each of the towers can be either by clicking and then click the "up-grade" button or by clicking on it and press the U key on your keyboard. They can also be recycled, if selected, either the "Re-cycle" button or the R key on your keyboard. Recycling is important to victory.
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