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Picnic Basket Defense

Play this game in IE please. The ants and other insects come in from the left and top entry. They always try to work their way towards the right and bottom exit. Your task is to stop the advancing insect from reaching the exits by destroying them with your defense towers . Food items appear that the insect try to carry away. Save them for extra points. You can place your defense towers freely, but you cannot block off the insects completely from getting to the exits, instead you should try to create a smart maze to allow you stations to fire upon them as much as possible. Mustard: The base unit in your defense. Can only attack ground units, but has many upgrades. Ketchup: The ketchup is more powerful and can attack all type of units. Honey trap: Slows enemies down for 10 seconds but makes no direct damage. Pepper: Creats pepper cloud that stays in place for a period, and damages all that pass. Toothpichs: Shoots through all targets in path of shot allows multiple hits. Sugar: Powers up attack of stations around them but has no attack of its own.
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