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Onslaught 2

Press I to show or hide game help information. Press G to bring up some game prefs. Attackers will come down the path heading for your base. They will start here and head down the road. If they reach your base you lose a life. You have 10 lives to begin with. The tutorial is limited to 50 waves of attackers, to start you off easy. Currently the game is paused while you get to grips with the tutorial. Click the flashing pause button to start the clock running. Attackers are now on their way! The clock in the bottom corner shows you how long until the next wave of attackers is here. You'd better either pause the game again or start building some defences! Choose a weapon in the store by using the arrow buttons (or arrow keys on the keyboard) to scroll left and right through the available weapons. You can only buy a turret if you have enough cash. Your funds are shown in the game stats in the bottom corner, by the game clock. If you have enough cash, click on the turret to buy it (or press B to buy the weapon on display), then click where you want to build it on the map. You can't build on the road, on the base or on other turrets. Now sit back and watch as your turret takes care of the oncoming attackers (provided you built the turret in range of the road). The range of the turret is shown by the green circle around it. If you get bored of waiting for the next group of attackers, you can press the spacebar to send the next wave right away. You can also click on the wave clock in the bottom corner. With each wave the attackers get a little bit stronger, but they're worth a little bit more cash. Now is the time to upgrade your defences! Highlight a turret, (the first one you built for example), by clicking on it. It will go green when selected. The upgrade panel shows what upgrades are available for that turret. If the buttons are red, you can't afford it. If you can afford it click on the button to upgrade your turret. It's much better to spend your money on upgrades to existing turrets than building lots of new turrets.
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