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Omega Tower Defence 2

Play this game by IE please. You can build and upgrade towers, but the creeps won’t move. Click the resume button in the bottom left corner when you are ready. Welcome to Omega tower defense . Click a tower in the menu bar to to select it, then click again to build it. Don’t let the creeps get to their destination. Light Artillery: Does a small amount of damage to a single nearby target. Laser Turret: Shoots a concentrated photon beam a single nearby creep. Heavy Artillery: Shoots missiles that damage everything within the explosion. Slow Field Generator: Decreases the rate of movement of creeps within range. Money Tower: Gain one extra unit of money for each creep killed within this tower’s range. Shock Tower: Damage all creeps with range. Bomb: Explodes only once, but does a lot of damage. There is a short delay before the explosion. Use bombs to stop creeps that would otherwise get through.
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