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Ninjas vs Pirates

Use w,a,s,d to scroll across the map. Click to select and place a tower. There are 6 different towers, 4 have special effects. Blood is how much damage you can take, you die if it reaches 0. Hit “Next wave” to send the next wave early and get bonus money. Basic ninja: Just can give the pirate basic damage. Shuriken ninja: Has the area effect can hit more than one at a time. Ice ninja: Ninjas of this type shoot ice darts, freezing the pirates, when this happens, the effect enemy’s speed will be decreased. Poision ninja: This ninja shoots poison arrows at the pirates, which slowly decreases their health for a certain time. Instant death ninja: This ninja has the ability to kill a pirate instantly if the enemy’s life is less than 50%. Ultimate ninja: You can call this nanja “Boss Ninja” which is the terminator and has superior execution if upgraded to the max.
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