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Neo Tower Defence

The goal of the game is to kill the incoming “Creeps”. Creeps can be killed by building defensive towers . Towers are built by clicking on the appropriate tower icon in the military tower panel and placing the tower on the field. Towers usually need more than just gold to be built. Towers need other resources in order to run properly. People, energy, heat, magic, ammo, and poison can be gotten by building economic buildings under the economic tab. Towers and economic buildings can be made stronger by upgrading them. Upgrading towers requires gold and other resources but increases the resources gained, tower damage, range, and/or the strength, duration, or chance of special effects. New, stronger types of towers and economic buildings can be made by building a research building, located under the economic tab, and researching items. It will take a few waves for the research to be completed. After the research is completed, new defense towers and/or economic buildings will be available. After each wave of creeps, interest is earned based on the value of any towers, economic buildings and research facilities placed on the field and any unspent gold. Buildings are worth less than the amount paid to place them. To maximize the amount of gold that is earned, it is wise to keep as much gold as possible in the bank.
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