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Munio To Defend

Prevent any enemy vehicles from reaching the Dome at the end of the road. To do this you much destroy them by building turrets. When you have destroyed all 30 waves of enemies, you will be victorious. For every enemy that reaches the Dome, you will lose one life. When you have lost all 20 of your lives, the game is lost. Turrets are the key to winning the game. To build a turret, click on its button in the top left corner, and click again on the location you want to place it in. Turrets cannot be placed on the path or outside the playing field. Building turrets costs money, which is gained through killing enemies. More powerful enemies are worth more money. You can upgrade an individual turret’s damage by selecting it and clicking the Upgrade Damage button. Laser Turret: The Laser Turret packs the hardest punch of all your turrets and is also capable of delivering this punch over a great distance. It’s main weakness is its slow firing rate, caused by the recharge time of its laser capacitors. Basic Turret: The basic turret is a cheap rapid fire turret that comes at a low price. Individually its bursts do little damage, but after a short time the hits start stacking up significant amounts of damage. Other turrets type: EMP turret, Inferno turret, C&C Node and Sonic turret.
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