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Mage Defender

Please wait while game assets are downloaded. This may take some time depending on the speed of your internet connection. Controls: Press Spacebar to cancel build order. Use Shift key to Hold Shift key and click your left mouse button to place multiple defenders of the same type. There are six levels you can choose: Miner’s Cave, Yew Crossroads, Chaos Shrine, Moongate, Start Room and Green Acres. A great tactical and strategic tower defence game. There are a number of waves in every level. The defenders will been awarded exp and gold when a monster been killed. Choose a defender to level up him. The advanced defenders will unlock if you have a defender a specific level. Place the defender on paved tiles. Every level begins with a few tiles paved the initial construction, it will have to choose tactics tiles paving side to further strengthen its defenses. Basic Units: Red Mage – Fire | Splash. Blue – Cold | Slow. Green – Posion | Poison. Purple – Energy | Electric. Dexer – Physical | Critical. Advanced Units: Alchemist – Fire | Splash. Necromancer – Energy | Necrosis. Dryad Archer – Physical | Anti-Air. Chiv Dexer – Physical | Critical Consecration. Splash – Attack enemies in directly adjacent tiles to the target. Slow – Slow down the enemies speed. Posion – Reduce the enemies’s HP by a certain amount every second. Electrocution – Reduces a target’s resistances, causing all subsequent hits on that target to inflict additional damage. Critical – Each hit has a percentage chance of being a critical one, inflicting double damage. Necrosis – Causes additional damage based on the Necromancer’s aquired kills. Anti-Air – Causes additional damage to all flying targets. Consecration – Causes the defender to always hit at the target’s weakest elemental resistance.
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