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Integrated Defence

When you are ready, click on start on the lower right corner of your screen (or press X key) to call the first wave of free souls. If a free soul manages to reach our center base, it will be damaged. If the center base collapses, then its gave over. No more human colonies on this planet. To stop those evil green guys, we need to build towers, and for that we need money. So at least we have some initial money. To build a tower first you need to select one from the builder panel to your right. If you hover your mouse over the map. You can see that your sursor now indicates where you can build your tower, and shows its range of attack. Make sure to place it where it can reach the incoming enemies. You need to provide it with precious energy. You obtain energy from energy tiles. The ones displayed brighter in the map. You need towers to destroy free souls, and towers need energy to shoot. To give energy to a tower it has to be connected via cables to a genertor.
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