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H1N1 Doctor Defence

Drag and drop doctors on the room. Wait until your doctor immunizes a contaminated patient. Drag and drop a UV Lamp on the room. See how it decontaminates the floor. Drag and drop a Wall on the room and see how patients bounce into it (you can’t drop them on the grey squares). Upgrade a doctor by clicking on it then click upgrade on the defence menu. Click the Decon 90 to decontaminate the whole room. Move your hero using the WASD or the Arrow Keys. You can change the way your hero is moving using the Options Menu. Click it to see what options are available. Use left mouse click to immunize a patient. Doctor: Ditributes medicine to patients. They are equiped with a Highend Artificial Breathing Devices. These model workers and their work units are excellent representatives of the working class in modern times. UV Air Purifier: Decontaminates air and floor. The Blue UV Air Purifier produces UVGI-ultraviolet germicidal irradiation with nano technology.
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