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Galactic Conquest TD

The Galactice Federation has stopped funding your planet and you have been named the shame of the galaxy. The other planets feel threatened by your constant quest for power. How dare they consider kicking you out. After all the time you put into helping the federation. You will show them. Make them wish they never had made you the disgrace of the galaxy. You will defend your people’s pride. You must conquer all of those who voted you out. When you first land on the enemy’s planet build your army, set up your towers, and place your traps. Make whatever is necessary to destroy the opposing force. Drag and drop the objects you wish to build into the screen. You only have so much money, so build wisely. Everytime an enemy is killed you are given money. The more people you kill, the more bad reputation you get and your rep-bar will fill. The more filled it is the more “extras” you can unlock. After you fight off 15 waves of enemies, you can advance to the next planet.
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