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Epic Tower Defense War

The Skill Upgrade Menu displays your units available for summoning, your available arrows, your mana pool information, and your available base tower defenses. Each time you kill an opponent, you gain experience points (EXP). You can use your earned EXP in the Skill Upgrade Menu to purchase new skills and upgrade existing ones. You can then select these skills for use in battle. Choose your upgrades wisely, as you cannot reset your decisions! You can, however, replay old battles to earn additional experience if you find yourself in a tough spot. You will keep half the experience you've earned after losing a battle. Certain characters and arrow types have elements associated with them. These elements contain special properties. For example, highly upgraded fire arrows cause explosions, powerful ice arrows can freeze enemies, and thunder arrows will temporarily stun victims with an electric shock. Be sure to observe which elemental attacks are most effective against which enemies on the battlefield!
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