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Duels Defense

Choose the special defend magic: Mage: Casts a fireball for a massive area attack. Press anywhere on the map to cast to that location. Warrior: Stomps the ground, and stuns and damages all enemies. Press anywhere on the map to perform skill. This skill is charged when the skill bar is full. Replenish by killing enemies. Assassin: Damages bosses, and instantly kills any other enemy. Select an enemy and press the “Attack” button. Druid: Casts an icestorm causing slow and area damage. Press the map where you would like to cast. Choose your map: Pillbox, Trenches, Clover, Skirmish, Lost, Rundown and Salute. 1 - Archer Tower: Weak but fast. Ground and Air. 2 - Catapult: Strong but slow. Has an area effect with a 0% chance to stun. Ground only. 3 - Trebuchet: Slow to reload. Infects a small area with poison. Poison damage stacks. Ground only. 4 - Mage Tower: Casts slow area effect. Ground and Air. 5 - Ballista: Strong and fast. Air only. 6 - Lightning Tower: Constant damage, less if further from tower. Attacks five closest enemies. 15% chance to stun on first contact. 7 - Fire Tower: Causes area of effect damage. Ground and Air. 8 - Water Tower: Casts slow area effect. Ground and Air. 9 - Wind Tower: Strong but slow, with an area effect. Air only.
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