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Desktop TD 1.5

This is a classic tower defense game!! You can choose the language: English, Espanol, Deutsch, Francais, Italiano. Press 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9 key to choose a tower that you want to build. 1 - Pellet Tower: Cheap tower that fires pellets. Can upgrade into a long range Sniper Tower. Ground & Air. 2 - Squirt Tower: Quick firing tower that upgrades well. When upgrade this tower becomes very damaging. Ground & Air. 3 - Dart Tower: Slow firing tower that damages an area on the ground. Can hit multiple creeps if they are close together. Ground only. 4 - Swarm Tower: Anti-air tower that fires 4 missiles at a time. Only hits flying creeps, but is very good at damaging them. Air only. 5 - Forst Tower: This tower freezes creeps to slow them down. Creeps hit by this tower get their movement speed reduced for a short period. Can hit multiple creeps at once. Ground & Air. 6 - Bash Tower: Damages the ground around it, plus a chance to stun. Any creep this tower hits has a chance to become strunned and not move for a short period. Ground only. 7 - Ink Tower: Shoots blobs of ink that stick to the ground. This tower has a maximum and a minimum range. The ink damages creeps that walk over it. Ground only. 8 - Snap Tower: This tower only fires once and damages an area around it. Each upgrade improve the damage, click Fire to explode the tower. Ground & Air. 9 - Boost Tower: Adds damage to those towers around it. This tower does not shoot. It effects only towers that touch it.
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