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Defend your Kingdom

There once was a magic place where all people happy green. However, the magician on the side was jealous of you. Defending people happy green. The enemies are close to their doors. You must protect their way of life! Do not allow any burning. Defend your kingdom! The tower base can be customized later in hundreds of different types. The mine explodes in contact with the enemy. Click and drop objects in the towers to improve the towers. In other towers falling towers update range, speed, reload and penetration. This can be done 4 times per lap. The elements can be kept permanently in place. Each element increases the damage caused by a tower. The forms for the element upgrage only 10 points each, but beyond the numbers to continue to improve. Each enemy resistance. Fire resistant to fire, but the water is low and vice versa. Air air resistance, but it is weak to fire. Remember that when we read what is the next wave. Notes: Plain towers will be very little damage with no increase.
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