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Castle Keeper

You start each level with 3 archers and 3 miners. You can convert your archers into miners to speed up the gold groducing. The more miners you have, the faster you can produce gold, but the harder it will be defend the castle from enemy. Press the Down arrow key to remove an archer from the castle and change him into a miner. Press Up arrow key to change a miner back into an archer. You can only change a miner to an archer if you have a slot on the castle free. Press Left arrow and Right arrow to change the angle of the archers are aiming at. Press Spacebar to fire a volley of arrows towards the enemy. All of the special weapon you need to active them by gold after each level. During the tower defense game, if your want to use any of them you must have enough gold. The better the weapon, the later in the game you are.
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