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Canyon Defense

Goal: Build the defense system using the different towers to protect the city. The towers can not been upgraded. There are 3 game map you can select. And three game difficulty: Easy: 30 attacks. Attack delay 2:00. Score bonus 0%. Normal: 40 Attacks. Attack delay 1:30. Score bonus 25%. Hard: 50 Attacks. Attack delay 1:00. Score bonus 50%. Basic: Missile Turre. Howitzer – Splash damage. Tesla tower – Damages all around. Gutling Laser – Destroy 40 flying enemies. Advanced: AA Gun. Goo Cannon – Slows down enemies. Chain Gun – Hits up to 3 enemies. Gauss Cannon – Build radar dome. Buildings: Nuclear silo – Gives Launch missile ability. Wall Factory – Gives construct wall ability. Recycler – Build 3 chainguns or tesla towers. Notes: You should build a AA Gun, before the 7th wave comes.
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