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Bloons Tower Defense I

Bloons Tower Defense – The most classic tower defense games. The bloons want to throught the screen from the left of the entrance to the top of the exit. Your goal is stop them. Press “Start Round” button on the right-bottom to start the next round. You begining with $650, you should get more money and build more towers and then upgrade them. There are 5 kinds of towers you can build. Dart Tower – Cost: $250. Speed: Fast. Fires a single pin. You can upgrade it and get a longer range pins and fire a double pins.Tack Tower - Outbreaks Voley tacks in 8 directions. You can improve its range and speed.Ice Tower – Its speed is slow but it can freeze the bloons which near to it. Bloons frozen are free games of darts and tacks, but the bombs that destroyed. They can update an increase of freeze time and range.Bomb Tower - Launches a bomb exploded on impact.Super Monkey – It shoots a continuous stream of darts, and even in the speed and stubborn Bloons.You also can play Bloons 3 and Bloons 2
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