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Bloons 3

Welcome to bloons tower defense 3. More track, more towers and more fun. Choose a track and then choose difficulty: Easy, Med or Hard. Click the stuff on the right of screen to buy it. The stuff are very cheap and you have 100 lives on easy mode. On medium mode, the stuff are fairly priced and you have 75 lives. Stuff is expensive and you only have an half number of easy mode lives – 50 lives. New tower: Spike-o-pult - Hurls a huge spiked ball that pops everything it touches. Monkey Beacon – Increases the attack range of all stuff within the beacon area. Pineapple – Like all healthy food, pineapples explode violently shortly after being placed, so don’t pu any down until you want to blow up some bloons. Top secret – Classified top secret – by order of super monkey collective. You also can play Bloons 1 and Bloons TD 2 at
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