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Bitmap Turret Defence

Place at least one turret and press the go button to start. If you choose the wrong turret press escape or drag it to the trashcan. Space toggles enemy health. Cannon Turret: Fires a shot in a straight line at a single enemy. Upgrade to activate homing shots and increase range. Earth Turret: Land-only tower, fixed - range, splash damage – upgrade increases range, reload rate, damage and splash. Air Turret: Rapid fire homing air shots – upgrade to increase range, rate of fire and damage. Water Turret: Short range defensive tower – blow damage, splash slows the enemy. Laser Turret: Pulse-laser damage to a single target, hits land or air. Upgrade to increase damage, range and intensity. Plasma Turret: Plasma charges home in on the target. Upgrade increased splash damage, power and range. Arc Turret: Land/Air attack on a single target. Upgrade to increase chain attacks up to 3 times.
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